That’s going to hurt: Impending hardware refit of diesel cars will cost billions

Picture courtesy Manager Magazin

Germany’s and Europe’s carmakers are casting timid glances in the direction of Germany’s capital Berlin, where a possibly extremely costly decision is imminent. This Sunday, the German government is expected to decide what to do with the millions of NOX-emitting diesel cars on the country’s roads. According to Der Spiegel, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a hardware solution, and that could cost many billions.

Ever since the dieselgate scandal became public, European automakers tried everything to avoid a solution that makes older diesel cars come clean. The reasons are money, and the monstrous amounts of diesel cars in Europe. Approximately half of Europe’s cars used to be diesel-driven before the scandal lowered the appetite for diesel. The atrocious problem is the huge amount of vehicles already on the road in Europe, and there are around 250 million of them.

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Friday Morning Auto News, Sep 21, 2018

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