Thursday Morning Auto News, Jun 30, 2022: Musk goes silent on Twitter, Volkswagen goes all-out on China. More

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World’s Largest Automakers, May 2022: Hyundai Group kicks Alliance off the podium

It finally happened: The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, the auto group that missed becoming world’s largest automaker by a very thin hair in 2017, has been kicked off the podium. It has been removed from the Top 3 by a very resilient Hyundai Motor Group, i.e. Hyundai and Kia.

Ever since a cabal of Nissan executives toppled its erstwhile savior, the autocratic, but highly efficient Carlos Ghosn, the Alliance has been paying the price of infighting and palace intrigue  paired with a big dose of nationalism. Leaders usually become endangered when luck is no longer on their company’s side. But it takes a special kind of stupidity to stick knives into your leader just when he led you from near-death to the top of the world.  And while we are on nationalism, it must be especially disheartening for a proud Japanese to be outranked by a Korean. [ There is more … ]

Wednesday Morning Auto News, Jun 29, 2022: Mercedes readies EV plants. Musk stops tweeting. EU to ban gas cars by 2035. More

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Tuesday Morning Auto News, Jun 28, 2022: Elon Musk drowns in “firehose” Twitter data. Hyundai, Kia raided in Germany. More.

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Monday Morning Auto News, Jun 27, 2022: Chinese EV startups get first dibs on CATL’s 1,000 km battery. Mercedes retires A&B Class. More.



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