Toyota Sells Turbocharged Vitz

Vitz GRMN Turbo  - Picture courtesy Toyota

Toyota will be selling a mildly turbocharged version of its Vitz in Japan, but buying one is somewhat of a chore. The “Vitz GRMN Turbo” sports conversion model must be ordered on-line, with the orders processed by Area 86 shops in Netz dealerships in Japan. Only 200 will be available. Good luck.

The turbocharger delivers 43 hp more than the base Vitz engine. It now makes 152 hp (112 kW) out of its 5 liters. The Vitz is available in any color, as long as it is  Super White, or Black Mica. The Vitz is better known as Yaris elsewhere. The Area 86 shops were created to surround the hachi-roku sports car with the appropriate youthful ambiance. Oh, and since the car is a “sports conversion,” it must be inspected by a license-plate issuing authority, as opposed straight through the dealer. Did we mention getting one is a chore? Apparently, Toyota is not seeking to repeat the success of the Golf GTI.

(Download press release.)