Honda cars to come with built-in valet parking


At the 20th World Congress On Intelligent Transportation Systems, to be held next week in Tokyo,  carmakers will show self-driving cars, or cars on their way towards self-driving cardom, or not-quite-ready for self-drive technology, packaged  as driver-assist. Honda will show something we love a lot at the Daily Kanban: Valet parking. Automated valet parking.

With Honda’s system, you let yourself out at the establishment of your choice, whereupon your car automatically drives to an available parking spot and parks itself. When you are ready to leave, you summon your car, and it will automatically drive itself to where you and your bags want to be picked up. The amazing system does not need a lot of hardware. In your car, a WiFi connection and a rearview camera are enough. The parking facility needs four video cameras in the four corners – it most likely already has those.