Tuesday morning car news round-up

Tuesday - Picture courtesy moviewriternyu.files.wordpress.com

U.S. justices question human rights case against Daimler AG – Reuters.  Doubt whether Daimler can be sued for allegations that a subsidiary violated human rights in Argentina.

Maserati says this year’s new car orders total 22,500 – Reuters. “Selling more Maseratis is an important piece of Fiat’s return to profit in 2016 in Europe, where it lost 700 million euros ($928 million) last year in a shrinking market.”

Toyota to cut up to 100 jobs in Australia as export orders drop – Reuters. “Exports make up about 70 percent of Toyota’s Australian operation, and the drop in export orders has made its current manufacturing size unsustainable.”

Chrysler trust VEBA values its share of company at $3.6 billion – Reuters. September 2014 court date could decide true price.

GM-Peugeot setbacks set scene for Dongfeng deal push – Reuters.  “General Motors scaled back cooperation with Peugeot months into their alliance and later turned down a government-backed merger, leaving China’s Dongfeng as the French carmaker’s last hope.”

PSA shares slump on report of capital talks with Dongfeng, France  – Reuters. Sahres fell 10 percent on Monday. Unchanged at the Tuesday open.

Chrysler Dealers Ask – Where’s the ‘Beef’? – Automotive Digest.  Chrysler dealers are growing more nervous about the lack of any 2014 Jeep Cherokees.




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