October car sales up 2.3 percent in Germany

Ger October

New car registrations in Germany, Europe’s largest car market, rose 2.3 percent in October, Germany’s Kraftfahrtbundesamt says.

Porsche (+24.2 %) and Opel (+12.1 %) had double-digit gains. BMW (+3.1 %), Volkswagen (+1.9 %), Mercedes (+1.1 %) gained marginally. Audi is down 7.6 percent. (Full data, in easy to understand German, here.)

Volkswagen’s Skoda brand, up 36.9 %, is the largest import brand, followed by Renault and Hyundai.

The market share of EVs stands at 0.4 percent. Gasoline-powered cars hold a market share of 49.6 %, that share of diesel cars is 48.4 %.

Note: As readers of the Daily Kanban know, European car sales data are based on actual registrations. As Daily Kanban readers also know, these registrations are not necessarily sales. In the past months, about 30 percent of all cars “sold” in Germany were registered by either OEM, or dealer. More here.

Also, in many parts of Europe, and definitely in Germany, cars of domestic OEMs are mostly made to order. Between purchase and delivery/registration will be a period of at least one, sometimes several months. Cars that are bought today will enter the statistics with a considerable delay.