The Daily Kanban wishes you all Happy Holidays, whatever they may be

Santa brings a 2Gbit line

Santa brings a 2Gbit line

This is the time for introspection in the auto industry, and for racking up a last batch of frequent flyer miles. The increasingly expatriate management of global automakers is filling the Delta flight from Shanghai to Detroit, Lufthansa  from Beijing to Frankfurt, ANA from Guangzhou to Narita. In Europe, executives traditionally max out the calendar (take 5 days off, gain two weeks of holidays) and won’t be back before January 6th. In America, they celebrate the first real you-know-what since carmageddon.  Even in busy-beaver Japan, they will stop working for 5 minutes , to celebrate oshogatsu (New Year) with mochi  (rice cakes) and perhaps the ritual hime hajime (NSFW in the U.S.).

Only the Daily Kanban won’t rest.


High tech meets low ceilings in Daily Kanban’s future Tokyo home

We will close down our operation from Saturday, December 21 through Sunday, January 5th.  The Japanese end of Daily Kanban will move into new old Japanese digs, where technicians from So-Net  Japan already installed a 2 Gigabit fiber line, which will be met by NTT’s hikari cable for redundancy, to serve you even better and faster in the New Year.

Knowing Ed in Portland, he most likely will be terrorizing the slopes, avid skier with Austrian genes he is.

We wish you all the best of holidays, and we will see you next year!