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We wish you happy holidays, and we take them

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This is the time of the year when all auto execs are either skiing, or on a beach in Hawaii, the Maledives, or Phuket (strictly for the Buddhist temples, of course.)  Therefore, the crew at the Daily Kanban will take a break also. Ed will channel his Austrian past, and will be a menace of the slopes of Mt. Hood. Frau Schmitto-san and I will soak in a Japanese onsen.  If anything interesting will happen carwise between the holidays, we all have Internet.

We thank you, the readers of the Daily Kanban, for your eyeballs and support. We thank you, the suppliers of cars and car news, for doing what you do. We apologize to all we have offended, and we promise to do it again.

Machine mimics man: Automakers fight car obesity, weight wins

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As many of us are painfully aware of, power and weight are at constant odds. Too often, the battle is won by sheer weight, as energy succumbs to obesity. The same goes for the cars we drive. Machine mimics man. As the car industry grows older, cars get heavier. They also gain power, and most of that added power is used to drag the added heft around. Exhaust escalation usually goes hand in hand with the extra expended energy.

California-based Paul Williamsen is chief of training at Lexus. He also received fame as the author of “BMW Fuel Injection: The Enlightened Approach,” a self-published underground bestseller describing the taming of the bedeviled K-Jetronic, a mechanical fuel injection system that beset many European cars in the final decades of the last century, a curse as complex and mysterious as a WWII Enigma machine. Today, Paul shared with his friends a fascinating chart. [Continue Reading]

Wednesday morning car news roundup, December 24, 2014

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World’s largest automakers, November 2014: Toyota, Volkswagen, GM


With Toyota having handed in its sales and production numbers for November and year-to-date 2014, the race for World’s largest Automaker is pretty much decided. It will end as predicted by the Daily Kanban half a year ago:

Toyota first, Volkswagen second, GM third. Next year, expect a new leader. [Continue Reading]

Cadillac boss writes CTS-V copy, trolls former team at Infiniti. Team speechless


On the last day before Christmas, Cadillac’s new boss Johan de Nysschen gave himself a big present while sending a honking lump of coal to his former teammates in Yokohama.

Commenting about the new Corvette-powered Cadillac CTS-V to his Facebook friends, de Nysschen had this to say: [Continue Reading]

Good News: The Tesla hype appears to ebb – it’s true, I read it on Google


Even after having come off their highs in the recent months, the hopes placed into Tesla by the stock market are insane and utterly unsustainable. Even if Elon Musk would walk on water tomorrow, even if he would turn his foot-bath into wine and drink it, his stock would not be worth the money. Then why is it so high? It is said that Teslas are powered by electricity. Not true. Tesla is powered by pure hype. There is hope: The hype appears to lose its power. [Continue Reading]

Tuesday morning car news roundup, December 23, 2014

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Monday morning car news roundup, December 22, 2014

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