Datsun’s redi-GO CONCEPT is not a concept, and the news aren’t new

It's the real thing

It’s the real thing

Today, Nissan’s Datsun unveiled the Datsun redi-GO CONCEPT at the Delhi Auto Show. Nissan coyly calls  it “a look into Datsun’s possible future” – as if it wouldn’t be clear that this is Nissan’s entry model that will be launched in 2015 at a price sure to disrupt emerging car markets. Most of what is known about this car – much more than Nissan lets on – has been documented end of last year by yours truly in a long article written for SAE Magazine. The article is here in its entirety. It told everything about the car’s design philosophy. It also talked about the modular architectures (that’s a plural) underpinning this car and most future cars by Nissan and Renault. The “Common Module Families” received a lot of attention over the past days.  Don’t read yesterday’s news.  Read the in-depth analysis that was published a few months ago already.

Keep en eye on it, because it will possible be the most important car launch in 2015.