Reuters crack auto reporter Klayman struck by #IceBucketChallenge virus, deemed insane by his boss


After wreaking havoc among CEOs of some of the world’s largest automakers, the #IceBucketChallenge virus struck the people who come into daily bodily contact with the wet leaders of industry. Ben Klayman of the Detroit Reuters automotive team contracted the disease in his vacation hideout at North Truro, Cape Cod. His condition is reported as guarded.

The shivering Klayman, dressed in recycled Guantanamo garb,  intends to spread the disease to his colleagues Deepa Seetharaman (now San Francisco) and Bernie Woodall, along with Detroit bureau chief Paul Lienert, and Kevin Krolicki, Reuters bureau chief in Tokyo.

“Klayman, have you completely lost your senses?” shouted Lienert in Detroit. Asked what he thinks of ice buckets, Kevin Krolicki, reached in Tokyo, said: “Cool.”