De Nysschen leaves headroom for über-Cadillacs, goes right über Jonny Lieberman’s head


After calling out “armchair marketing experts,” Cadillac retirees, and Detroit fans, Cadillac-Chief Johan de Nysschen noticed he had forgotten the fourth estate. That lapse was soon corrected. On Facebook, Cadillac’s new boss chided Joan Muller, who wrote at Forbes a story titled “Poor Cadillac: BMW Took All The Good Car Names.” BMW is welcome to “call their cars whatever they like,” de Nysschen wrote, and added: “And we aren’t poor, Forbes.”

The on-line exchange barely had begun, when Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman waltzes into the line of fire:


The CT6 was developed  long before de Nysschen arrived at Cadillac. The new boss appears to have bigger balls and plans. Any halfway experienced armchair marketing expert would have deduced that someone intentionally left room for a Cadillac higher than a BMW 7er, or an Audi A8. A capable blogger would have started photoshopping a Cadillac CT9. A reporter would have tipped his hat and thanked for the story lead.

Jonny simply was perplexed. After a little head scratching,  Jonny took to Twitter.


So far, so good, Jonny. Now, let’s think what comes after 6. Use your headroom! Think big!