The Silverstone grudge match is official: Andy Palmer vs. Darren Cox vs. John Hindhaugh

Darren Cox - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Darren Cox: “Take that!”

Andy Palmer, since October CEO of Aston Martin, faces his first real challenge on the job. Darren Cox, Nissan’s broad-shouldered Global Motorsport Director, and John Hindhaugh, the voice of Radio Le Mans. have challenged Palmer to a car race. The three will duke it out at a grudge match to be held at the iconic Silverstone Grand Prix circuit In Northamptonshire, England.

John Hindhaugh - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Hindhaugh: “You lose!”

The crazy idea was born in the press room of the 6 Hours of Shanghai race, on November 2nd (Toyota won.) Hindhaugh told me that him and “Darren Cox will race Andy, and we’ll see what he’s got.” Tweets flew out. Andy Palmer, after considering the rather short length of his racing career (he received his National A ticket TODAY, and is boning up for International), agreed. Despite repeated taunting by Hindhaugh and Palmer, Darren Cox was not heard from.

For a while, it sounded like the race would not happen due to a DNS Darren. Today, I ran into him (which is quite easy, did I mention that Cox is broad-shouldered?) at the NISMO Festival at Fuji Speedway. Cox instantly denied rumors that he would chicken out, and he promised to be a combatant in the three-way duel. Which now will officially happen.

Andy Palmer: "YOU are toast."

Andy Palmer: “YOU are toast.”

Cox will show up in Silverstone with a GT-R GT4Z as his weapon of choice. Andy Palmer will field a Vantage GT4. Hindhaugh will attempt to spank the executive racers, using a Ginetta G55.

The race will be held some time in Spring 2015, “after the snow has melted in Silverstone,” as Hindhaugh said. Should Cox lose the car race, something he called “highly unlikely” today in Fuji, he can always win by knockout. “I always wanted to be a boxer,” said the broad-shouldered Cox, and waved his big fist in the general direction of Gaydon, Warwickshire.