Toyota gives pornstars a second chance as contributors to Gazoo website



In America, the auto industry’s formerly raunchy relationship with sex has given way to new buttoned-up Victorianism. Even this year’s SEMA, one of the last outposts of gratuitous nudity, is not what it used to be. In that vein, it is good to hear that this disease has not yet reached the Japanese auto industry.

Without gaining the attention of the easily outraged western media, Toyota’s website has hired a new contributor: Japan’s soft-pornstar Mana Sakura. “Launched on September 19, the column (“Mana Sakura’s Relationship With Her Car“) appears every other Friday,” wrote the Tokyo Reporter on October 14. Please credit it to my waning prurient interests that it took me three more weeks to find the mention, in a nowadays very infrequent lecture of the site that chronicles Japan’s fuzoku, or water trade.

Hat tip to a reporter of a major Japanese business site for tipping me off at yesterday’s Toyota results conference.

“In a promotional push, one of Japan’s top adult video (AV) actresses is jumping in the backseat with Toyota,” writes the Tokyo Reporter. At open-minded Gazoo, the actress meets a famous colleague: Pin-up star Yuri Morishita stars in a video series, where she shows her abundant charms to an abundant charm-deprived Japanese clientele, before lasciviously eating a sauce-dripping bratwurst in Tokyo’s Sky Carrot restaurant. “Other AV actresses are a distinct possibility,” promises the Tokyo Reporter, after consulting a Toyota spokesperson.

I hope that the resocialization of fallen angels sets an example.