Tesla under water soon? Company looks for “diver support system” experts

Pictyure courtesy gansbaaisharkcagediving.com

Yesterday, the Daily Kanban did cast doubts on the technical prowess of Tesla’s alleged game-changing lane-changer, the overpromised “Autopilot.” This assessment was based on a discussion with intelligent vehicle system experts, who said that systems of much higher sophistication would be required for an automatic lane-changer. It now appears as if Tesla has decided to do the necessary research.

On the same day the article appeared, Tesla posted a job opening looking for a Systems Engineer. According to the job description, the engineer will “develop functional requirements needed for Tesla’s Autopilot program.” The successful applicant will also “develop the hardware architecture needed for Tesla’s Autopilot program.”



Any knowledgeable ADAS (“advanced driver assistance system”) expert (Tesla wants one with at least a Master of Science, better a PhD) should tell the boss that the tech package of the Model D can’t do the job.

While Tesla is looking for people, it could also hire a proof reader. The help wanted ad says the prospective engineer is responsible for “diver support systems.” Not the right job, unless Tesla expects to be under water.