2015 Shanghai Auto Show: First, no babes. Now, no babies

Those were the days

Those were the days

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, to be held from April 20 through 29 somewhere in the boonies behind the Hongqiao airport, will be a very exclusive affair. First, scantily clad models were excluded. Now that the show is a family-friendly affair, children aren’t allowed either, writes Carnewschina. After the prohibition of babes, there is a ban on babies. There were babes and babies galore at previous shows in China. Now, no more.

Citing “security reasons,” the organizing committee of the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show has announced that children will not be allowed to enter the show, no exceptions allowed, the report says.

Cold showers for those who see the absence of babies as an indication that babes will be back after all: “The committee also announced it will strictly enforce the ban on babes,” writes Carnewschina, “after rumors started to circulate about plans by automakers to dress up pretty babes as normally non-pretty senior sales consultants.”

Beijing, 29012

Forget it. No more. Mei you!

China has passed America as the world’s largest auto market years ago, now it has passed the States as the country with the most exclusive auto shows: Not babes, no babies, all brawn and bros. At the Detroit Show, scantily clad models have long been replaced by pantsuited product specialists, children, however, are still welcome, under 6 free.

Not wanting to add to all those bans, the DailyKanban has reconsidered its previously announced boycott of the Shanghai Auto Show. We will be there, doing our “The guys of the Shanghai Auto Show” special.