Paper: VW execs knew of CO2 cheating more than a year ago


When Volkswagen launched its new Polo TDI BlueMotion in spring of 2014, they called it the “most fuel-efficient 5-seater in its class.” Its new 75 PS three cylinder turbo diesel was said to need only 3.1 liters of diesel for 100 km, which equates to only 82 grams of CO2 for 100 km, far below the 2020 EU target of 90g. There was only one problem: It was a lie.

In spring of 2015, the car was quietly discontinued. A few months later, the German magazine Auto Strassenverkehr noted the missing car. Volkswagen said the car was discontinued because nobody wanted it. Again, it was a lie.

According the Germany’s Bild-am-Sonntag, the allegedly super miserly car was withdrawn, “because it wasn’t so thrifty, it significantly exceeded its official CO2 emissions.”

Volkswagen’s top management knew more than a year ago that certain Volkswagen models had understated fuel usage/CO2 emissions, the paper says. The Polo TDI was 18 percent over. After weeks of frantic work, VW engineers gave up. The matter was reported to the board. The board withdrew the car. Neither media nor customers were informed. In Volkswagen’s media site, the car has its record-breaking 3.1 liter/0-2g CO2 to this day.