Anonymous allegations of deception by Tesla

Deep Throat meets Woodward

Deep Throat meets Woodward

The Dailykanban is in receipt of an anonymous message that alleges deception by Tesla Motors. The message is in full below. The sender, and whoever is interested in this story, should understand that the Dailykanban does not operate on anonymous tips. At the Dailykanban, we hold fact checking in high regard. We also absolutely protect the identity of our sources. If there is more to the missing horses, we definitely want to write it, but we won’t act on anonymous tips. If you have more, please contact the Dailykanban via the message system in full confidence of source protection. The incoming message will be seen by Bertel Schmitt alone. Thank you.

Anonymous message follows.

“When Mr. Schmitt moves to Forbes he may want to consider casting more light on the missing horsepower issue Tesla has been sweeping under the rug for some time. It’s coming to light a little bit in Denmark and Norway, but no one in the US seems to be paying much attention.

Tesla marketed their flagship P85D as having 691 horsepower, and every publication wrote about the car as if it really did. Owners determined the car was about 150 horsepower short of that. Eventually Tesla changed the specifications on their website, which was an acknowledgement that they had misled people. But except for whatever deals Tesla may be cutting with individual customers, they have done nothing for the average customer to make up for this deception.

There’s a story there. Someone should tell it.”