Despite Brussels Proposals, EU Carmakers And Regulators Continue To Live In Sin



According to euromyths, and all too often according to law, everything in Europe is regulated by commissars in Brussels, from the bend radius of bananas (law repealed) to a ban on eating your pet horse (law in effect.) Everything but automobiles, as it turns out. There is no central oversight, the decision on what cars are allowed on Europe’s roads rests solely in the hands of individual member states. If a EU state does not want to take action against a misbehaving national carmaker, there is nobody in Europe who can. Governments have a vested interest, if not outright shares, in their carmakers, which explains why no EU government has imposed a penalty on Volkswagen, never mind that some 8.5 million of the 11 million vehicles globally equipped with VW’s defeat devices are on Europe’s roads, emitting massive doses of cancer-causing gases with barely a finger-wagging. In light of the scandal, there is a proposal circulating in Brussels that wants to tighten the loose rules.

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