Volkswagen Strategy 2025, And The Secret Master Plan For An Apple Takeover


Whenever a new CEO takes the helm at Volkswagen AG, he announces a brand-new strategy. Last week, it was CEO Matthias Müller’s turn to proclaim his new strategy at a mass meeting of Volkswagen managers, flown in from all four corners of the Wolfsburg empire. The objective of the meeting was, as Germany’s BILD wrote, to “close the ranks” of Volkswagen’s officer corps, and to swear them in on the new direction before the new strategy is formally announced in a few months. The plan may require a little more work for everybody to sign up. Volkswagen’s leadership appears to be divided. Some dream the new direction will lead to a take-over of Apple. Some, especially those encumbered with experience, think the new plan is to a large parts uninspired. The few inspired parts are regarded as pure lunacy by more than a few managers that were in the meeting.

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