Friday morning car news roundup, June 10, 2016

Today is Friday

Tesla Special  Edition

$TSLA denies Model S suspension defects, chides journalist in blog post @verge
$TSLA Denies Safety Problems With Model S Suspensions @ABC
$TSLA Defends Safety Of Its Cars And Denies Trying To Silence Owners About Problems @Forbes
$TSLA fires back at reports of safety flaws @Wcvb
$TSLA Defends Car Suspension Systems, Nondisclosure Statements @WSJ
$TSLA rebuffs safety-issue claims, calling them ‘preposterous’ @MarketWatch

$TSLA denies suspension safety issue, calls gagging order claims ‘preposterous’ @CNBC
$TSLA fires back over NHTSA probe report @USATODAY
$TSLA allegedly exchanged repairs for owner silence @Engadget
Suspension failures prompt probe of $TSLA Model S @Seattletimes
$TSLA Model S suspension: probe of ‘troublesome’ customer secrecy deals @guardian
Is $TSLA Trying to Keep Owners From Reporting Vehicle Safety Problems? @Forbes
US Government Investigating $TSLA Suspension Issues @ABC
$TSLA Model S becomes target of safety review over customer complaints @Mashable
Model S owner claims $TSLA forced him to keep defect quiet @Autoblog
US Regulators Begin Looking at Suspensions in $TSLA’s Model S @WSJ
Safety regulators looking at reports of $TSLA flaws @CNN
Safety agency warns $TSLA over nondisclosure agreements with customers @MarketWatch
$TSLA Model S Suspension Failures Under Scrutiny by Safety Agency @NYTimes
Regulators examining reports of suspension problems in $TSLA Model S @CNBC
NHTSA probing $TSLA suspensions amid reporting concerns @USATODAY
$TSLA probed by NHTSA over potential Model S suspension issues @Teslarati
NHTSA warns $TSLA over non-disclosure pacts @Automotive_News
$TSLA Falls After NHTSA Says Examining Model S Suspension @bloomberg
NHTSA Is Examining Reports of Suspension Problems On the $TSLA Model S @RoadandTrack
Feds investigating potentially widespread $TSLA Model S suspension issue @Cnet
US reviewing suspension complaints in $TSLA Model S cars @Reuters

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