A Famous Tokyo Landmark Returns To Tokyo As Nissan Reclaims The Heart Of Ginza


Nothing symbolized Japan’s economic heydays more than Tokyo’s Ginza with its luxury department stores, designer boutiques and hostess bars, where a cocktail and some small talk could cost you big money. Ginza’s bustling 4-chome intersection is what Times Square is for Manhattan, and for decades, the cylindrical Nissan Building power-towered over the square. Its downstairs showroom, dubbed Nissan Gallery, was a major attraction – or possibly, its all-female staff was. In 2009, Nissan traded Tokyo’s most expensive real estate for a new building and tax breaks in neighboring Yokohama. The landmark Nissan Gallery was moved to Kanagawa as well, and a neglected Ginza showroom turned into a symbol for Japan’s lost decade. Two years ago, it closed.  Today, it came back, more glamorous than ever.

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