Reports: VW Cleanest Among Dirtiest Diesels As Collusion Between OEMs And Bureaucrats Emerges


From America to Australia, justice for Volkswagen’s dieselgate fraud has been swift and costly. In Europe however, the region with by far the highest concentration of diesel cars in the world, no fines have been levied, possibly because equal justice in Europe could bring the region’s entire auto business to its knees. As a new report by NGO Transport & Environment shows, dieselgate-type cheating is common throughout the industry, and Volkswagen diesel cars actually are the least polluting of Europe’s dirtiest diesels, at least when counting violations of the current Euro 6 norm. “National authorities have focused on protecting their own commercial interests, or those of domestic carmakers,” says Transport & Environment, and documents are emerging that hint that for many years, governments and automakers may have colluded in defrauding citizens and customers who don’t want to be among the 72,000 who each year die prematurely from cancer-causing NOx emissions all over Europe.

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