10 True Facts From Tesla’s Model 3 CAEATFA Application


When we get our hands on an exclusive document here at the Daily Kanban, we tend to write long and in-depth analyses. It’s just what we do. But because our latest document haul contains some cool facts that didn’t make it into our story and because we’re eager to show off our fun-loving, light-hearted sides we thought we would put together a listicle. Yes, like Buzzfeed. Just a good, old-fashioned list of things you might not have known, presented in a way that won’t take long to read and will hopefully make you smile. Because here at the Daily Kanban, learning can be fun!

According to the Model 3 CAEATFA application Tesla filed last year and which have been obtained exclusively by the Daily Kanban:

  • Tesla wrote that “Similar to our Model X, we expect Model 3 to be an extremely popular vehicle.” Yes, they actually wrote that.
  • Tesla estimates the Model 3’s efficiency at 318 wh/mile.
  • Tesla estimates the Model 3’s average transaction price will be $43,014.
  • The pre-tax profit margin on the Model 3 is anticipated to be 11%, according to Tesla’s CAEATFA form.
  • Tesla is currently developing gearboxes along with battery packs and electric motors as part of its R&D activities at its Palo Alto headquarters.
  • Model 3 production will share about 20% of the Gen 2 (Model S and Model X) production equipment at the Fremont plant and elsewhere. 
  • The Model 3 expansion will expand Tesla’s California workforce by 5,600 jobs, up from 9,200 in September 2015.
  • Tesla has identified locations in California where it anticipates creating new manufacturing facilities for component materials currently supplied by its non-California suppliers.
  • Tesla estimates that California will make up demand for 20% of its vehicles for the foreseeable future.
  • CAEATFA is providing Tesla with $392,775 in tax relief for each new job created by the Model 3 investment.