China To Automakers: “Make EVs, Or Die.”


China is putting a gun to the heads of its automakers. “By 2018,” the Wall Street Journal reported today, electric vehicles “must account for 8% of the maker’s production, and the percentage will rise from there.” Before the news are tweeted around the world, please note that the Journal is a bit ahead of its times. Currently, the rules are still in draft form, and a lot can change before the final regs are handed down. One thing is clear however: China’s government is forcing the electrification of its own auto industry, and quite literally so, as the bulk of China’s auto manufacturers are state-owned, in one way or the other. Message from Beijing: Make electric cars, or die. “Chinese state media has trumpeted the regulations as essentially barring car makers that don’t have new-energy capabilities,” the Wall Street Journal wrote.

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