“Playful Fun For Adults:” Toyota Finally Releases Its C-HR Compact Crossover At Home


That Toyota would eventually launch its first compact crossover, the C-HR, was one of the company’s worst-kept secrets. In the works since late 2009, and debuted at the Geneva Motor Show early this year, a C-HR raced around the Nürburg Ring in May. In the U.S., the C-HR was formally announced at the LA Motor Show last November. Inevitably, Verticalscope has long launched a C-HR forum, which competes with another one in the UK for attention. Nevertheless, when the C-HR was presented to the Japanese press yesterday, we had to act as if we had never heard of something called C-HR, we were sworn to great secrecy, and not to breathe the word C-HR until a day later. This time, it didn’t make sense to break an embargo, so we kept it.

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