Blasting BMW, Trump Shows Scary Naivete

A week ago, I carelessly opined that BMW would be among the last automakers exposed to the wrath of Trump. After all, the Bavarian automaker produces more cars in the U.S. than it sells in-country, a rare honor shared only with Tesla and Daimler. As a net-exporter of cars, BMW deserves a medal from the impending president. Boy was I wrong to apply logic. Yesterday, BMW was next in line to be bludgeoned by the bully-in-chief.

In an interview with Germany’s BILD Zeitung, published late Sunday night, Trump said BMW would “waste its time and money” building a plant in Mexico, because Trump would slap the Bavarian automaker with his infamous “35% border tax.” After Ford, GM, and Toyota, BMW is the fourth automaker in Trump’s cross-hairs.

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