Piëch Throws Bombs, Volkswagen Spins Out Of Control

“The hallway radio is speechless,” sighed a highly-placed Volkswagen manager when I asked him today what the hallway radio, a.k.a “Flurfunk,” as the the scuttlebutt among Volkswagen’s executives is called in Wolfsburg, thinks about a nuclear bomb dropped by VW’s patriarch supreme, Ferdinand Piëch. The spokesman for majority shareholder Porsche just dragged labor unions, German politicians, and his own cousin Wolfgang Porsche into the brutal grind of the dieselgate scandal. Today, the political impact reached Israel’s spy service Shi Bet. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s unions are in open revolt against Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess. Volkswagen is quickly spinning out of control.  Gabor Steingart, publisher of Germany’s #1 financial daily Handelsblatt already tweeted exasperatedly that “VW produces headlines with the same takt time as cars.”

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