The Auto Industry’s Most Feared Disruptor Reveals His Secrets

Selling something suddenly cheap what previously was available only for a lot of money is an essential part of disruption. For 20 years, Frenchman Gerard Detourbet has disrupted the industry with cars at prices thought impossible to achieve. He scared Europe’s automakers with his half-priced Dacia cars. He cut the price in half again with the $4,100 Renault Kwid, and the $3,700 redi-GO, cars that put the Renault-Nissan Alliance firmly on the map of future growth market India. Many tried to replicate Detourbet, and failed. How does he do it?

I went to Chennai, in search of his secret. (The story of what underpins the cars is here. But does Renault-Nissan make money with the cars? The answer is here.)

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