Why you suddenly see ads on the Daily Kanban

In the four years since Ed Niedermeyer and I ran the Daily Kanban, the Daily Kanban never had ads. As of today, it has.

The Daily Kanban did not have ads, because we did not want to get involved with ad sales, or mess with the technicalities of putting ads on a website. Most of all, we did not want to give the impression that anyone in the auto industry pays us.

In the meantime, the technical complexities of running a fast website have grown. Daily Kanban runs on four redundant servers spread over the globe, connected by two content delivery networks. That costs money. We hope that a few ads will help defray at least some of the cost.

Most of all, we now take ads, because for the last four years, we had to listen to accusation after accusation that we are doing this just for the clicks, and for the money, never mind that there was no way to make money. We have grown tired of listening to it, we give up, and we switch on the ad server.

The ads cannot influence us. As a matter of fact, we have no control over who places what ads on the site. The ads are sent by Google.

One more thing: Changing the code of the site is asking for trouble. Please bear with us during hiccups. If the screen doesn’t display properly (which it does occasionally as we work on the site,) please empty the cache. If the problem persists, please send us a message.