Hard NOx, where Alex Gibney takes you to my living room

A few months ago, a (very polite) film crew invaded our Tokyo home to take a few shots for Alex Gibney’s “Dirty Money” series. Its first episode, titled “Hard NOx,” is now up on Netflix.

Hard NOx chronicles the diesel emissions scandal known as dieselgate. I am glad that I could convince the producers that dieselgate is much more than a Volkswagen story. Days after dieselgate broke, I told you that it is a scandal far beyond Volkswagen.

Dieselgate is everywhere. Dieselgate is a story of governments colluding with companies, robbing people of their clean air.

I know, this is harder to understand than dirty VW on one side and clean crimefighters on the other. Please try. 

Despite the scandal, the cheating continues.

Billions have been paid in the U.S., people went to jail. Nobody has been convicted in Europe, a continent suffering from diesel exhaust many times more than America. Supposedly, the cars are getting better. Nevertheless, the air is getting worse.

This story is not over.