Monster gallery: The ladies of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

Of course it’s the cars that attract throngs of people to the Tokyo Auto Salon. (c) Bertel Schmitt

Each year in January, the world’s craziest car show takes place in Tokyo. The Tokyo Auto Salon is probably the last car show on earth that shows more girls than cars.  In America and Europe, ladies in pantsuits have long taken the place of booth babes. In China, where undress ruled until 2012, all car shows are buttoned-up.

The Tokyo Auto Salon appears to be the last hold-out against the Victorian age that seems to have car shows around the world in its iron grip. Click “Continue reading” for our huge gallery.

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Fielding an army of ladies seems to work out for the show. It is bigger than the Tokyo Auto Show. The show doesn’t even take place in Tokyo, technically, it is in Chiba, and the cross-town trip takes me longer than the Shinkansen to Nagoya. Nonetheless, the show draws hordes of visitors. If you think cars are no longer exciting, the Tokyo Auto Salon will disabuse you of the idea.

This is Dailykanban’s annual report from the show. We won’t give up unless they give up. Note: Due to its size, this gallery may not have the usual blazing speed of