Who’s hogging the news?

Source: Dailykanban proprietary

Alex Roi once said (Google was no help, can’t find the link) that is feels like Tesla hogs half of the headlines. As it turns out, it is not quite as much, but close. In the news, one of the world’s smallest automakers definitely dwarfs the big ones in headline power.

In an attempt to get a numerical handle on the matter, I queried the Dailykanban Newsbot database. Our proprietary Newsbot searches the web for stories related to the auto industry, and it does it 24/7. It does not search chatrooms, Twitter et al. It counts only what Google deems as news. One unique URL counts as one mention. The Newsbot still is a bit young and clumsy, it does not factor the reach of a story. For this exercise, a link in Reuters counts as much as a link in the Owyhee Avalanche  (none so far).

As far as car groups are concerned, a headline for Fiat or Dodge increases the FCA count. Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi all add to the Alliance, and so forth. Musk, SpaceX etc. go into the Tesla column.

I ran the totals of the past 7 days, since January 25. English language only.

It comes as no surprise that one of the world’s tiniest automakers, Tesla, drowns out everybody.  

Volkswagen Group most likely is not happy with being number 2. The scandals just won’t die.

The Geely ranking is a surprise. I know the Chinese auto group garnered a lot of interest lately, but I would not have guessed that much.  Looking through the stories, it was mostly Volvo that brought the count up. Clever buy at a very low  (1.5 bln) price. Geely has all the reason to be much happier for its 3rd place than Volkswagen for its 2nd.

As for the rest, see above.

Note: This is not the last word on headline counts. It simply reflects what Google delivers to our database, and it tries its robotic best to filter out cars in traffic accidents, used car ads, and so forth.