Toyota disrupts nascent mapping business with bold open source plan


TRI-AD leadership in Tokyo. Khalesi center. (c) Bertel Schmitt

If Toyota has its way, the maps guiding your future autonomous vehicle won’t be delivered through Google, Apple, Baidu, or TomTom, but via a map platform as free and accessible as Linux, MySQL, Apache, and the zillions of other open source programs powering our lives. That open source map project is called AMP, as in “Autonomous Mapping Platform.” 

The concept was presented Thursday by Mandali Khalesi, the man in charge of mapping systems, automated driving strategy, product and alliances of Tri-Ad, the autonomous drive company started by Toyota with Denso and Aisin. Tri-Ad’s mission is to turn the research developed by TRI, or Toyota Research Institute, into products, with the help of nearly 2,000 employees and a $2.8 billion budget. Read more in

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