Switched-on Germany: ICE down, BEV up, Dinosaurs rule

Forget Norway: Europe’s flagship market for electric vehicles is Europe’s largest single-country car market Germany. While sales of all passenger vehicles tanked in September to the tune of  -25.7%, electric and electrified powertrains continued to take over Germany. BEVs were up 58.8% in September for a share of 17.1%. Nearly half (47.6%)  of all newly registered passenger vehicles were either battery powered, plug-in hybrids, or hybrids.

In a by now well-familiar end-of-quarter move, Tesla pumped 7,903 units into the German market in September, but most of Germany’s battery-electric vehicles are made and sold by the OEMs Tesla sought to disrupt. Year-to-date, Volkswagen sold the most BEVS in Germany, followed by Stellantis. Tesla stopped the deterioration of its market share with an 11% piece of Germany’s exploding electric car market, however, the also familiar hangover is bound to follow in October.