BEVs in Germany: Tesla is an also-ran

We are used to Tesla cramming everything into the last month of the quarter, and the hangover a month later. This time, it’s different: In May, a mere 293 Tesla-BEVs were registered in  Germany according to data provided by Germany’s regulator Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt. Tesla managed to sell fewer BEVs in Germany than China’s MG Roewe, a brand only a select few is aware of, and fewer than  in hangover-April.

On a more meaningful year-to-date basis, Tesla remains to be out-BEVd by dinosaurs such as Volkswagen, Stellantis, and Hyundai. Volkswagen appears to gain strength again after a few weak months. Nearly one in every 3 BEVs registered in May is a Volkswagen Group car.

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