Germany BEV Monthly: No disruption this time.

When Tesla (finally) opened its German factory in March last year, Elon Musk’s many fans dreamt that the Made-in-Grünheide Teslas would flood Germany and the EU, and that they would finally disrupt the legacy carmakers. Germany’s regulator KBA has supplied the December and full year German EV registrations, and according to those data, the fans will have to dream a little more.

Sure, Tesla has increased its full year BEV a little, from 11.2% in 2021 to a 14.9% share in 2022, but it’s far from the envisioned exponential growth. 85% of all BEVs registered in Germany last year were made by legacy carmakers.

January-December 2022, BEVs reached a share of 17.7%, nearly out-doing Germany’s former darling, the diesel-powered car with a 17.8% share. Will the run on battery-powered cars repeat this year? It’s doubtful. Germany is reducing its generous subsidies this year, and it will reduce them more down the road

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