German BEV sales go ballistic

German new BEV registrations exploded to the tune of +64.4% in June, with nearly every 5th (18.9%) a battery-electric vehicle. The land where Gottfried Daimler invented the high-speed liquid petroleum-fueled engine in 1883 is going electric.

As usual, Tesla crammed every saleable car into the last month of the quarter, which lifted its May BEV market share to 15.2%.

Year-to-date, Tesla could carve out an even more impressive market share of 16.5%. Daimler, the inventor of the ICE car, now sells 11.4% of Germany’s BEVs. Germany’s BEV market remains dominated by Volkswagen Group with a nearly 30% market share, both in June and year-to-date.

The center of the graphic is getting very crowded, with Chinese BEV-maker after Chinese BEV-maker putting its toes into the German market.

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