Best-selling BEV in Germany: A car you may not have heard of.

Despite an allegedly “giga” factory in allegedly “Berlin,”  Tesla is unable to out-BEV the legacy dinosaurs  in Germany.  In the month of October, Volkswagen Group re-gained the top rank it had lost to Stellantis in September. Surprisingly, BMW Group slotted into 2nd place with 13.6% of all BEVs registered in Germany in October. Stellantis took 3rd. Tesla came in behind Daimler. Best-selling BEV in Germany was a relatively unknown Skoda Enyaq, adding to Volkswagen’s leadership role.

With only two more months on the calendar, Tesla remains in place 3 of the year-to-date ranking, with Volkswagen Group as #1 and Stellantis Group in place 2. Most likely, this is how the year will end.

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