The Dailykanban wishes you all a happy you-know-what

Santa - Picture courtesy

T’is the season when managers toiling in the far reaches of this very global business travel home to meet family, food and drink, while headquarters types travel to exotic climes, or hit the slopes. As t’is the season when news of the auto business likewise take a break, the Dailykanban will take a few days off as well. We will be back in 2016.

The Schmitto-sans won’t be going anywhere, we use the time to move to a new house. We wish you happy festivities, whatever they may be, and a happy New Year, unless you are in China.

We wish you happy holidays, and we take them

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This is the time of the year when all auto execs are either skiing, or on a beach in Hawaii, the Maledives, or Phuket (strictly for the Buddhist temples, of course.)  Therefore, the crew at the Daily Kanban will take a break also. Ed will channel his Austrian past, and will be a menace of the slopes of Mt. Hood. Frau Schmitto-san and I will soak in a Japanese onsen.  If anything interesting will happen carwise between the holidays, we all have Internet.

We thank you, the readers of the Daily Kanban, for your eyeballs and support. We thank you, the suppliers of cars and car news, for doing what you do. We apologize to all we have offended, and we promise to do it again.