Ghosn’s 14 Million Cars: Not A Target, An Inevitability

(c) Bertel Schmitt

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, said yesterday in Paris that he expects the group to sell more than 14 million cars a year by 2022,  at the end of the Alliance’s mid-term plan that was set in motion yesterday. The 14 million are not the interesting part. The interesting part is why Ghosn thinks the number will come about, especially considering that predictions of an impending demise of the industry have become fashionable.

“14 million is not a target, it is not an objective,” Ghosn said, giving the impression that the number is more or less inevitable. “What I am telling you is what our assumptions are. Our forecast is that by the end of 2022, we should reach 14 million cars. We estimate that the total market by the end of 2022 will be between 108 and 110 million cars.”

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Nissan Joins 10 Million Club, Gets The Entry Fee At Deep Discount


Today, journalists assembled in Yokohama, ready to be treated to spreadsheets, and Nissan’s annual financial report. At short notice, they were rerouted to a cramped meeting room two blocks down the road. They knew what was coming. Last night, Japan’s NHK TV station and the Nikkei financial wire reported rumors of a tie-up between Nissan and embattled Mitsubishi Motors. Today, that tie-up was formally announced.

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Without the Corsa, GM’s deal with PSA is dead

2010 Opel Corsa Color Race

When, in early 2012, GM bought seven percent of the moribund PSA Peugeot Citroen, with the intent of coupling it with its likewise moribund Opel, just about everybody who understood the car business developed deep lacerations from incessant head-scratching. Combining two sickos usually is not a recipe for health. Unimpressed by logic, the happy couple promised annual cost savings of $2 billion. Now, the deal is entering the terminal phase. [Continue Reading]