What If The Koch Brothers Were Running Tesla (Into The Ground)?

The Koch bros. Picture courtesy Time.com

We are proud and pleased to have Matthew Klippenstein as a new DailyKanban writer. Matthew is an extremely rare combination between a hardcore fuel-cell engineer, plug-in electric vehicle early adopter, and an absolutely amazing author.

Imagine if you will a parallel universe: President Bernie Sanders won a landslide victory over Donald Trump in 2016; DC Comics’ Justice League — the most ambitious crossover event since the Bering Strait — has shattered box office records; and the Koch Brothers acquired a controlling interest in Tesla in 2013.

If the fossil fuel potentates were Hell and High Water-bent on destroying Tesla’s corporate prospects — if they tried to systematically sabotage the company’s future — what would the past five years have looked like?

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China NEV Weekly Episode 9: Leap Into The Endless Sea Of New Brands

China NEV Weekly

China NEV Weekly

Welcome to Episode 9 of China NEV Weekly, this time with sports cars, sedans, SUVs, MPV, and no less than five new brands. Time to roll:

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Tesla’s Model 3 screen signals steep production increase – or not

Picture: Tesla

Sure, you can wait for Tesla’s, official production releases, but wouldn’t you be a better investor if armed with the knowledge of how many Model 3 Tesla really intends to build within the next few months? The tracking of VIN numbers has turned out to be a bit inexact. You want something where Tesla has a little more skin in the game. Clients of JL Warren Capital have that information. The company tracks a surefire leading indicator, and that is the central display screen of the Model 3. According to JL Warren’s chief analyst Jungheng Li, Tesla seems to be gearing up for a weekly production rate of 3,400 Model 3 for this quarter. If everything goes well.

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If Nissan’s electric plans are ambitious, then Tesla’s are pure fantasy

Philippe Klein (c) Bertel Schmitt

Today at its HQ in Yokohama, Nissan laid out its electric strategy through 2022, the span of its current mid-term business plan. If you have or planning to have investments riding on the future of electric cars, these plans will provide valuable input.

By 2022, Nissan wants to sell a total of 1 million pure battery-electric and e-POWER vehicles a year, Nissan’s chief planning officer Philippe Klein told reporters.

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China NEV Weekly Episode 8: ORA is a Great Wall and Xiyate is Not a Seat

China NEV Weekly

The Chinese NEV market moves at full speed ahead, time thus for China NEV Weekly Episode 8. Today with a Seat that isn’t a Seat, an ORA, and yet another electric supercar. Here we go:

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China NEV Weekly Episode 7: Las Vegas, Lifan, and LvChi

China NEV Weekly Episode 7

Happy New Year! No time to waste: we continue with a new episode of China NEV Weekly, bringing you the latest New Energy Vehicles from China. This week, we start in Las Vegas:
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Toyota rolls out “BEVs in earnest.”

BEVs in earnest. Picture (c) Bertel Schmitt

The common narrative among the disruption-demographic is that large “legacy” automakers are asleep at their four wheels. The not-so-common version is: Step aside when they wake up. The step-aside moment was today, when world’s largest automaker Toyota laid out its electrification plans.

In a press conference at Toyota’s Megaweb in Tokyo, EVP Shigeki Terashi started out complaining to reporters that some of his limelight was stolen during Akio Toyoda’s announcement of a battery joint venture with Panasonic. Then he revealed that: [Continue Reading]

China NEV Weekly Episode 6: A bang and a Byton

China NEV Weekly

We continue with a new episode of China NEV Weekly, bringing you the latest New Energy Vehicles from China. This week with a bang, a Byton, and Ford’s new friend.

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