Grade the Analysts: Chesbrough wins February, Sunde tops leaderboard

Which analyst should you follow to get an early read on monthly car sales? Follow this monthly series, and you shall know.

For February, Charlie Chesbrough of Cox Automotive shot a bull’s eye by coming within 4.8% of the truth. Sadly, he started calling the numbers only this February, and the missing January sorely degrades his chances to become the 2018 overall points champion. Like in any race, you’ve got to be in it to win it. [Continue Reading]

“Grade the Analysts” resurrected – Joseph Spak leads the pack

“Grade the Analysts” was a favorite monthly story during my intermezzo at Well, at least, it was a favorite of the analysts that competed for who has the sharpest crystal ball  in predicting car sales. There even was occasional drama and intrigue. No wonder: Knowing the consistently right-on analyst can mean real money when betting on the economy.

Now at the Dailykanban, Grade the Analysts is being resurrected. My former Tokyo cohort Craig Trudell volunteered to supply Bloomberg data (domo arigatou!) and I crunch them against sales and SAAR reports supplied by Motorintelligence.

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