The truth about BEV sales: Legacy and Chinese automakers outrank Tesla

Who is selling the most battery electric vehicles in the world? If we think Tesla, then we have been misled by the huge noise surrounding the Californian carmaker. In the first two months of the year, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance still was number one in total worldwide BEV registrations. This according to data JATO Dynamics shared with Dailykanban. The Alliance might soon lose the title, but it is not Tesla that is on an exponential trajectory. It is the Chinese. [Continue Reading]

EVs In Europe: Hopes Up, Sales Down


Sales of battery electric vehicles in Western Europe fell for the fourth month in a row, an analysis of a respected European industry publication says. In August, a month in which the overall Western European new car market climbed 8%, sales of BEVs in the world’ second largest EV market behind China dropped 1.2% compared to August 2015, paid subscribers of the AID Newsletter were told. The harsh realities of EU registrations cast a shadow on the EV euphoria of the Paris motor show, once again raising the question on auto executives’ minds: “Who will buy all those EVs?” Matthias Schmidt, editor of the UK-based publication, thinks he may have the answer: Push comes to shove, OEMs might buy their own cars.

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Mini Vehicles A Big Pain In Japan, Drag Down January Registrations

Japan - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

The new year did not bring a change to the current downtrend in Japanese auto sales. Registrations across all segments were found down 4.6%, once data reported by various industry associations were consolidated. Again, the market was dragged down by continued weakness among a Japanese peculiarity, mini vehicles.

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Slowly, the sun sets over the Japanese car market

JapanRoadDecember-Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

The Japanese new car market, on a single-country basis still the world’s third-largest after China and the U.S., is trying hard to lose that rank. Japan ended 2015 with total passenger vehicle sales down 9.3%, consolidated data by Japanese industry organizations show. December was down even harder with a decrease of 14.5% compared to December 2014.

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#dieselgate costs VW market share. Does it really?

clean diesel

Today, Europe’s auto manufacturer association ACEA published EU new passenger car registration data for October. Overall EU registrations were up 2.9 percent in the month, but that wasn’t what observers were looking for. A mere 75 seconds after ACEA released the numbers, Bloomberg hit the wire, pronouncing that “VW’s European Market Share Falls in First Month of Scandal.” Later, “falls” was edited to “slips.” Volkswagen’s group sales were down a mere 0.2 percent in the month. Was it due to dieselgate? The proof is far from conclusive, and the facts deserve at least a few minutes of closer inspection. [Continue Reading]

Weak kei cars continue to dampen Japanese new car registrations

Japan roads October - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Japanese new car registrations remained in negative territory in October, as pulled-forward mini vehicle sales are still not quite digested. [Continue Reading]

Japan’s new car registrations brought down big by mini mobiles


Registrations of new automobiles in Japan contracted by 7.6 percent in September, consolidated data by Japan’s industry associations show. Data were diminished by continuing, even accelerating weakness of mini vehicles, on top of sluggish sales of regular vehicles. [Continue Reading]

Weak kei cars keep dragging down Japanese new car sales in August

Japan August 2015 - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Japan’s new car sales continued to be feeble in August due to continued weak registrations of mini vehicles, although the drop was less pronounced than in July. Regular cars were up slightly. Imports to the allegedly closed market continue to look healthy. [Continue Reading]