Thursday Morning Auto News, Jan 06, 2022: Honda EV factory in China; Cathie Wood keeps unloading $TSLA; EVs flood CES; more

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Wednesday Morning Auto News, Jan 05, 2022: Musk dumps on GM; Prototype battery delivers 752 miles; more

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Tuesday Morning Auto News, Jan 04, 2022: Tesla gets heat over Xinjiang showroom; Toyota poised to dethrone GM as U.S. sales leader; more

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Monday Morning Auto News, Jan 03, 2022: Tesla soars; union wants its workers; cupholder cover-up; more

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Dailykanban can’t get any faster

When the Dailykanban did shut down for the holidays, I promised that the idle time would be used to fine-tune our systems. Google will tell you that the most important part of a website is its speed. Dailykanban was always pretty zippy, but it became my New Year’s resolution to create a Dailykanban that couldn’t go any faster. Unlike most New Year’s resolutions, that goal was reached by January 3rd. Industry-standard speed-checking site now rates Dailykanban’s speed at a Golden Grail-worthy 100%/100%.

The hardest speed-up was the “structure” part of the test. For a long time, that wouldn’t go above 98%. In the way to perfection stood the same Google that clamored for speed, speed, speed. Google slows down websites with plug-ins, JavaScript, and ads. With a bit of black art, the 100% were achieved here also. [ There is more … ]

The Dailykanban wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Tis used to be the season when car executives all over the globe go on vacation with their families to far-away lands.  Except this year, and hopefully not too many years thereafter. Christmas, or whatever you may call it, will be celebrated, nonetheless. At the Dailykanban, we’ll celebrate by overhauling and fine-tuning our systems. We shall be back Monday, January 3rd, 2022.

No morning news until next year, there won’t be many anyways.

Should you see the occasional hiccup, remember, we are diddling with our servers ….


Friday Morning Auto News, Dec 24, 2021: Tesla: No more games (after taken to court by NHTSA); Nissan, Mitsu stop kei car shipments; more


Note: These are the last Morning Auto News this year as the Dailykanban takes a few days off. Until 2022!

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World’s Largest Automakers 2021: Toyota on a tear, Volkswagen out of breath

With a mighty year-end push, Toyota Group is making its German rival Volkswagen Group eating dust. With all but one month tallied, there is no doubt that Toyota will end the year as World’s Largest Automaker 2021 – something we have predicted for months.

What we could not predict was the distance between the two contenders. Toyota now leads by nearly 1.4 million units over Volkswagen, and when everything will be tallied a month for now, Toyota might even be ahead of VW by a few cars more.

World’s automakers have been pummeled by a shortage of parts, mostly of the electronic kind no modern car can’t be sold without. Toyota has managed that shortage a bit better. Its November production exceeded that of November 2020 by 3%.  According to Toyota, its output from December onward is “expected to be at high levels.”

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