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DailyKanban’s Bertel Schmitt is headed to Beijing for the auto show, and will not be posting daily news briefs for the next few days while stuck behind the Great Firewall. While he is away gathering the latest news from the world’s largest car market, you can stay up to date on the latest by following E.W. Niedermeyer on Twitter.

Housekeeping: Minor changes at the Dailykanban

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In the story below, you see something strange, and you will see it more often: A very short teaser, and a link to Forbes.

As the new year starts, I will shift most of my writing activities to Forbes. They needed someone to cover the car market in the Far East, and as I happen to live there, Detroit Bureau Chief Joann Muller picked me. I will try not to disappoint. A few stories have already been written. More will come.

For the time being, the Dailykanban will deliver its daily morning news roundup, and any other stories that do not fit in Forbes. All others will appear as short teasers, and a link to Forbes. Please follow the link.

Wednesday morning car news roundup, October 1, 2014


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JDM skates through 2014

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The Japanese Domestic Market appears to be more resilient than predicted. All registrations were down only a slight 0.8 percent in September. For the first nine months of the year, registrations are still up 6 percent, data released by Japanese industry associations show. [Continue Reading]

De Nysschen leaves headroom for über-Cadillacs, goes right über Jonny Lieberman’s head


After calling out “armchair marketing experts,” Cadillac retirees, and Detroit fans, Cadillac-Chief Johan de Nysschen noticed he had forgotten the fourth estate. That lapse was soon corrected. On Facebook, Cadillac’s new boss chided Joan Muller, who wrote at Forbes a story titled “Poor Cadillac: BMW Took All The Good Car Names.” BMW is welcome to “call their cars whatever they like,” de Nysschen wrote, and added: “And we aren’t poor, Forbes.”

The on-line exchange barely had begun, when Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman waltzes into the line of fire:

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We apologize for the absence of last Monday’s Morning News, but …


Yesterday, our readers waited in vain for their daily breakfast of morning car news roundup, and countless bloggers had to chase down the news themselves instead of being able to peruse our handy tipsheet. We deeply apologize, but we have an explanation. Actually, we have two. Sure, both are a bit weak, but hey.

On Monday morning at oh-dark-hundred, Herr Niedermeyer, Frau Schmitto-san and moi took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya to explore the center of Japan’s auto might. In front of our hotel in Toyota City, we found a Lexus LFA, which someone had carelessly left there. [Continue Reading]

Tuesday morning car news roundup, September 30, 2014



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Cadillac-boss Johan de Nysschen: “Detroit fans – don’t mess with me.”

De Nysschen's Hong Kong apartment, destination Manhattan.

De Nysschen’s Hong Kong apartment, destination Manhattan.

He has been on the job as president of Cadillac for less than 2 months, and Johan de Nysschen is already being turned into the company’s scapegoat #1. His biggest mistake in the eyes of his critics: Moving America’s former luxury brand to New York. When the Daily Kanban reported hints of a move a month ago, it was dismissed as making “no sense,” as the Detroit News’ Mark Phelan declared. Last week, the nonsensical became official when GM finally confirmed that Cadillac is moving its HQ from Detroit to Manhattan. This being announced, “the wrath of hell descends upon me, I’m accused of moving the entire company just because I prefer to live in New York,” de Nysschen wrote today to his 291 Facebook friends. Apparently, the criticism rattled the usually unflappable de Nysschen. He writes:

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