Cadillac-boss Johan de Nysschen: “Detroit fans – don’t mess with me.”

De Nysschen's Hong Kong apartment, destination Manhattan.

De Nysschen’s Hong Kong apartment, destination Manhattan.

He has been on the job as president of Cadillac for less than 2 months, and Johan de Nysschen is already being turned into the company’s scapegoat #1. His biggest mistake in the eyes of his critics: Moving America’s former luxury brand to New York. When the Daily Kanban reported hints of a move a month ago, it was dismissed as making “no sense,” as the Detroit News’ Mark Phelan declared. Last week, the nonsensical became official when GM finally confirmed that Cadillac is moving its HQ from Detroit to Manhattan. This being announced, “the wrath of hell descends upon me, I’m accused of moving the entire company just because I prefer to live in New York,” de Nysschen wrote today to his 291 Facebook friends. Apparently, the criticism rattled the usually unflappable de Nysschen. He writes:

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Reuters crack auto reporter Klayman struck by #IceBucketChallenge virus, deemed insane by his boss


After wreaking havoc among CEOs of some of the world’s largest automakers, the #IceBucketChallenge virus struck the people who come into daily bodily contact with the wet leaders of industry. Ben Klayman of the Detroit Reuters automotive team contracted the disease in his vacation hideout at North Truro, Cape Cod. His condition is reported as guarded. [Continue Reading]

Will Cadillac defect Detroit, and take Manhattan? GM says it’s “possible.”

New perspectives for Cadillac

New perspectives for Cadillac.

According to usually reliable contacts close to the upper echelons of GM management, the company is thinking very seriously about moving its premium brand Cadillac from grungy Detroit to swank Manhattan. [Continue Reading]

New breed of car enthusiasts loves cars so much, they live in them

83-year-old Oscar Almaguer sits in his 1967 Volkswagen Beetle in Apodaca

The cramped back seat of the 1967 Beetle is his bed, the even more cramped trunk (under the hood) is his closet. A divorce 10 years ago left Oscar Almaguer penniless, ever since, he lives in his Bug. It’s a growing trend, as it turns out. [Continue Reading]