The girls of the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon, in 38 exclusive pictures

The girls of the 2015 Tokyo Autosalon -01- Picture by Bertel Schmitt

The 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon opened its doors yesterday to throngs of people who took the pilgrimage to Makuhari Messe, a site that is so far out that it already is in Chiba. TAS 2015 is a must-go confab of wrenchers and wenches, it is mass worship of body modifications (both kinds,) and bolt-ons (both kinds.) The rites at the annual celebration are performed by pagan nuns in traditional attire. Following the traditions of TAS, there usually is very little attire. Which is made up by a lot of attitude.

The Daily Kanban’s coverage of the annual auto adulation likewise is steeped in long tradition, its roots go back to before the beginning of time. Of course, we had to do it again.

(Careful: The following pictures will tax the bandwidth or your Internet connection, and the limits of good taste. In certain jurisdictions, if found with these pictures, you might be beheaded. Elsewhere, you may simply lose your head.)

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