The Once And Future Cherokee

What comes around goes around... I'll tell you why

What comes around goes around… I’ll tell you why

From the moment the new Jeep Cherokee broke cover online, squinting into the bright lights of massive expectation, the signs of trouble have been there. Starting with styling which managed to be both jarring and forgettable, and continuing on to transmission issues and other introductory awkwardness, the Cherokee is quickly becoming the most troubling new product launch of the year. After all, the stakes couldn’t be higher: not only does the new Cherokee represent Jeep’s latest attempt to make progress in the absolutely crucial compact CUV segment, its launch is coinciding with Chrysler’s IPO.

But for all the signs of nervousness in Cherokee nation, a drive down Malibu’s 27 sun-kissed miles last weekend revealed no fewer than three new Cherokees glaring their way down Highway One. If the Cherokee is in good enough shape to flaunt for journalists and the One Percent, perhaps things are not quite what they seem.

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