The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming! Again?

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Shenzhen, China, based BYD doesn’t really know yet how to make decent cars, but it definitely has mastered the art of making decent headlines. Today, the company is in the news, saying, via Bloomberg, that “Chinese cars are poised to begin hitting U.S. showrooms by next year.” The thought of Chinese cars arriving at U.S. shores is always good for triggering deep-seated fears and the odd suppressed racism.

American cars in China: Good. Chinese cars in America: Bad, bad, bad. Fear not: They aren’t coming. [Continue Reading]

Beijing drag queen BYD Qin finally dethroned by BMW X5M – Films at 11!

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Over the past weeks, the BYD Qin has entertained China’s car-crazed population by beating the doors off supposedly powerful competition on a drag strip near Beijing. Car after car was left in the dust by a BYD Qin that previously was only known as a rather tame plug-in hybrid. Its fame lasted until the Qin finally met a faster car: A 555hp Twin Turbo V8 BMW. [Continue Reading]