Cadillac chief de Nysschen evades arrest for hot ass remark


Yesterday, Cadillac-chief Johan de Nysschen promised to double the brand’s sales and models by 2020, he raised the possibility of a $250,000 halo-Caddy (HC10?), he presented the Cadillac ATS-V without a tie, as if it’s post-Fukushima cool biz in Yokohama, and OMG, he even “wants Cadillac to report its earnings and losses separately from General Motors.” As if this is not making enough headlines, he also revealed that he, by a hair’s breadth, evaded arrest for making comments on a lady’s hot ass. His words.

On Facebook, de Nysschen recounted an episode with a New York hotel clerk. It went like this: [Continue Reading]

De Nysschen leaves headroom for über-Cadillacs, goes right über Jonny Lieberman’s head


After calling out “armchair marketing experts,” Cadillac retirees, and Detroit fans, Cadillac-Chief Johan de Nysschen noticed he had forgotten the fourth estate. That lapse was soon corrected. On Facebook, Cadillac’s new boss chided Joan Muller, who wrote at Forbes a story titled “Poor Cadillac: BMW Took All The Good Car Names.” BMW is welcome to “call their cars whatever they like,” de Nysschen wrote, and added: “And we aren’t poor, Forbes.”

The on-line exchange barely had begun, when Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman waltzes into the line of fire:

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Cadillac-boss Johan de Nysschen: “Detroit fans – don’t mess with me.”

De Nysschen's Hong Kong apartment, destination Manhattan.

De Nysschen’s Hong Kong apartment, destination Manhattan.

He has been on the job as president of Cadillac for less than 2 months, and Johan de Nysschen is already being turned into the company’s scapegoat #1. His biggest mistake in the eyes of his critics: Moving America’s former luxury brand to New York. When the Daily Kanban reported hints of a move a month ago, it was dismissed as making “no sense,” as the Detroit News’ Mark Phelan declared. Last week, the nonsensical became official when GM finally confirmed that Cadillac is moving its HQ from Detroit to Manhattan. This being announced, “the wrath of hell descends upon me, I’m accused of moving the entire company just because I prefer to live in New York,” de Nysschen wrote today to his 291 Facebook friends. Apparently, the criticism rattled the usually unflappable de Nysschen. He writes:

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Keep climbing down: Delta Air holds bags of Cadillac CEO hostage

de Nysschen in Beijing, bags in Detroit

de Nysschen in Beijing, bags in Detroit


As I write this, the CEO of Cadillac is crammed into steerage class of American 187, Chicago to Beijing. The CEO of Cadillac will arrive in his Beijing hotel long after midnight, and will take his morning meetings in a suit crumpled from the 13 hr flight in the back of the bus. No fresh clothes, his bags are in Detroit, and if he’s lucky, the luggage will catch up with him some day. Knowing Delta, however, the bags will be last seen in Mogadishu, Somalia. An inauspicious start of a fresh initiative for exporting American luxury abroad.

Johan de Nysschen, freshly minted Cadillac CEO, went to Detroit Airport on Saturday morning, to take the Delta flight to China’s capital. In Beijing, he wanted to meet Cadillac’s China team, to discuss plans for enlarging Cadillac’s share of the world’s largest car market.

The plans collided with a tardy Delta crew. And just in case you are wondering: This is a true story, no satire.

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Will Cadillac defect Detroit, and take Manhattan? GM says it’s “possible.”

New perspectives for Cadillac

New perspectives for Cadillac.

According to usually reliable contacts close to the upper echelons of GM management, the company is thinking very seriously about moving its premium brand Cadillac from grungy Detroit to swank Manhattan. [Continue Reading]

Heard any good jokes lately? Meet the man who knows how to bring Cadillac to global glory, “easily.”

Uwe at Tuck

Uwe at Tuck

Cadillac doesn’t have a new marketing chief quite yet, Uwe Ellinghaus will officially start on January 1, but Uwe is already giving interviews. What is making headlines around the world is that Uwe told Ben Klayman of Reuters that “it could take as long as a decade to build Cadillac’s reputation as a global luxury brand.” That may shock some at GM who hope Uwe would be finished sooner, say, can you do it before the end of the current quarter? Keep hoping, because it keeps you from finding out that Uwe is on crack.

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